What Makes Hermes Silk Scarf So Special And Popular ?

The Hermès scarf as a symbol of luxury and fashion and a must-have for the wardrobe. It's because they are not only made of incredibly high-quality silk, but their unique designs are also highly collectible and timeless.

The Birth of TheClassic Hermès Scarf

Hermès has always been adhering to the most refined and beautiful, impeccable product design concept, and has become a traditional model of gentleness and elegance in the silk scarf industry. The six generations persistent guardianship and professional management of Hermès make the brand unique in the fierce market competition.

Hermès silk scarf has a long period of 2 years from design to production. The birth of a silk scarf must go through seven rigorous processes: theme concept and pattern finalization →pattern engraving →color analysis and screen preparing →dye combination → handprinting → hand rolling →strict quality checking. Only after these rigorous procedures, A Hermes silk scarf can enter the market and meet consumers. In terms of raw material selection, Hermès insists on using cocoons from Brazilian mill,The mill collects the products of local sericulture and supplies skeins of raw silk to the Perrin establishments, who have been weaving silk for Hermès for half a century. and every 300 cocoons are woven into a Hermès square scarf. The weaving process adopts the twill weaving method, the surface has also undergone a unique process, like being covered with a layer of film. Therefore, in terms of touch feel, Hermès silk scarves are harder, less pleated, and have a strong sense of three-dimensionality. High-quality raw materials and meticulous craftsmanship flow in the blood of Hermès, serving every tasteful customer with the most perfect products. Such exquisite craftsmanship creates an excellent environment for the birth of classics.

Because Hermès is located in the prosperous area of Paris, its geographical advantages have brought high-end consumer groups: royal families and celebrities. Their every move invisibly contributes to the classic singing of Hermès silk scarves. In 1955, Princess Grace Kay of Monaco, who was injured in her arm, used the Hermès silk scarf to fix it, which was photographed by a media and widely disseminated. The Hermès silk scarf became the favorite of countless fashion people. It was called the greatest and inadvertent advertisement in history(Image-1); In addition to the Princess of Monaco, Queen Elizabeth II, a member of the royal family, is also a loyal fan of Hermès. Whether participating in activities or visiting abroad, the queen wears Hermès scarf on her head. From her 30s to 90s, the queen has always been fond of Hermès scarf (Image-2). Like her, Princess Kate, also loves Hermes silk scarves. In addition to the royal blessing, Hermes silk scarves often appear in film and television dramas (Image-3, 4). Audrey Hepburn, Monroe and other well-known movie stars at the time wore Hermès silk scarves. This unparalleled publicity and influence established the classic luxury and noble status of Hermès silk scarves.

The long-term persistence of the Hermès family's business goals and continuous innovation in the persistence are the secret of the ever-lasting foundation of Hermès silk scarf. Hermès has always advocated that its products are not only daily necessities, but also reflect consumers' attitudes to life and art of life. Since the design theme was determined in 1987, Hermès silk scarves have gradually formed a new dual marketing concept of dress matching and art collection. Through the brand's own publication "Hermès World" in 1973, the beauty of its silk scarf culture has been popularized around the world. In 2013, Hermès also cooperated with France Post to launch Valentine's Day stamps inspired by Hermès silk scarves, which were wiped out once they were issued (Image-5). With such comprehensive and meticulous management, it is inevitable that Hermès silk scarf has become a classic symbol. As the sixth-generation heir Axel Dumas said: “Continue to inherit the loyalty to the brand and the perfect pursuit of craftsmanship quality, and continue to innovate around market needs on the basis of inheritance; of course, the most important thing is to keep working hard."





Image-3 Cameron Diaz "My Best Friend's Wedding"

Image-4 Cate Blanchett "Carol" & "The Aviator"

Image-5  Valentine's Day Stamps Silk Scarves

The ArtisticStyle of Hermès ScarfDesign

In addition to being the backbone of high-end leather goods, silk scarves are the second pillar supporting Hermès sales. Under the guidance of several major themes, Hermès insists on its own style as always, and hundreds series of silk scarves have been released. The meticulous lines, elegant and elegant patterns with artistic perspective have made it a symbol of fashion all over the world. According to statistics, every 38 seconds a Hermès silk scarf can be sold in the world.

1. Humanities-History

The pattern of this silk scarf collection mainly reflects the advanced and core parts of human culture, such as major events in some countries or regions, and certain days and scenes with special or commemorative significance. Image-6 the silk scarf pattern depicts the Parisian ball that was popular in the 1950s. The girls wore masks and dresses and danced at the ball. They worked so hard to dress themselves up so that they could be the focus of the ball. The silk scarf pattern shown in Image-7 depicts in the 1950s, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district was a hub of Parisian cultural and intellectual life. Writers, actors and philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir came together to debate and discuss ideas. The singers Juliette Greco and Charles Aznavour performed here.  The scarf in Image-8 is intended to pay tribute to the French heroes of the American Revolutionary War, the Marquis of Lafayette. In the center of the picture is the Marquis of Lafayette in a representative scene, surrounded by medals tightly, and metaphorically showing the glorious deeds of the Marquis. The whole silk scarf is solemn and elegant, which is extremely in line with the content.

Image-6 Le Bal Masqué 

Image-7 Swinging Saint-Germain

Image-8 Marquis de lafayette

2. Nature-Science

This collection of silk scarf pattern mainly depicts naturalthings, phenomena and science , such as animals and plants or natural scenery, the transformation of stars in the universe, and the evolution of nature. Image-9 shows the astrological square scarf designed by Frangoise Faconnet. This mysterious astrological silk scarf was first released in 1963. After several innovations and changes, it returned and became Hermès. One of the best-selling silk scarf styles. Playing with time, changing, dreaming, and throbbing, this may be the mystery in the pattern. Image-10 the Calanque d'En-Vau fjord, the most famous fjord group located between Cassis and Marseille in southern France. Although the climate is dry, the sea water flows into the underground spring, which is extremely cool. The curved Aleppo pine trees are rooted on rugged rocks, and the sea is like a sacrifice, with countless treasures on the edge of the square: shells, sea fans, corals, starfish and anemones. In the eyes of designer Aline Honoré, this is paradise on earth.

Image-9 Dies Et Hore  

Image-10 Hermes Sieste Au Paradis 

3. Folk Tradition-FolkCustoms 

This collection of silk scarf depicts the culture that a nation or a group has gradually formed and passed on from generation to generation in the long-term production practice and life, such as clothing decoration, festivals, ethnic customs, etc. The designer reflects the traditional customs through exquisite patterns . Image-11 depicts a colorful ethnic bracelet. Designer Annie Faivre draws inspiration from all kinds of jewelry, its just like a parade, a wonderful journey to Africa, Asia and Oceania. The pattern is composed of ivory, feathers, pearls, carved shells, inlaid wood, raffia, warthog teeth and silver bracelets. Each bracelet tells the story of an ethnic group and reflects their beliefs. The silk scarf design in Image-12 is inspired by the Brazilian feather decoration art. Brazilian Indians have a special feeling for bird feathers. They use precious feathers to decorate clothes and headdresses, and even embellish jewelry and musical instruments. Feathers have established a close relationship with their history, customs and grand festivals, and become an indispensable role in Indian culture.and grand festivals, and become an indispensable role in Indian culture.

Image-11 Bracelets de Lumière

Image-12 Bleu Lavande Blanc - Brazil Tattoo


4. Art-Classic

This collection of silk scarf mainly reflects typical social ideologies, including literature, painting, sculpture, music, dance, drama, film, crafts, etc. For example, the silk scarf in Image-13 is inspired by a paper carriage artwork in the Hermès Museum, it is called "Paperoles", which is made from thin strips of paper, and was mostly used as a religious object. But this gorgeous paper carriage shown on the towel was originally owned by a Florentine antique dealer in the 1990s. Such non-religious scroll art made in the early nineteenth century is very rare. Later, Hermès bought this art piece and collected it in Hermes treasures. The entire artwork is made of paper and cardboard, except that the interior of the carriage is decorated with silk and the legs of the horse are carved with wood. This work not only shows the artistic beauty of the Hermès collection, but also fits the spiritual purpose of Hermès. The silk scarf in Image-14 describes a magical fairy tale. It tells the story of a prince looking for a lover who is lost in the mountains and encounters a chestnut fairy and gets an umbrella with a beauty bird standing on the head of the umbrella. The magical umbrella accompanies him to find the partner in his heart. Finally, the prince kissed the beauty bird, and a destined girl appeared in front of him...The center of the silk scarf screen was the beauty bird umbrella, and the corners and center patterns were laid out with circles of different sizes and rich storylines. The prototype of the umbrella in the story is housed in the Hermes Museum.

Image-13 Paperoles

Image-14 L'Ombrelle Magique 

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