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Custom Silk Eye Mask
Oeko-100 Certified
6A Grade 100% Mulberry Silk
Custom Print or Logo Embroidery
Why silk is better for sleep mask ?
retains moisture
The right sleep masks will leave the skin looking youthful as they fight signs of aging.

Unlike cotton, silk does not draw moisture away from your skin and hair, but encourages a proper moisture balance, while its extremely smooth and soft texture proves to be beneficial for those with sensitive skin conditions, if you have sensitive skin the mulberry variety is the one to pick.
improve sleep
Silk can help ease flakey, dry or itchy skin. ... A silk sleep mask will give you peace of mind that you can get a restful and wonderful night's sleep.

We’re surrounded by light even curtain can’t provide 100% dark surrounding, but silk sleep masks are great for blocking out light and helping you fall and stay asleep, with ice bag or heat band inserted, it can also ease headaches.
good for eyes
Wearing silk eye mask with ice bag can help solve eye problems, such as deep bags under the eyes, dark circles or redness around the eyes.

But if you have chronic dry eye or pain due to eye fatigue, you can insert a heat band into your silk eye mask instead of using a wet towel to cover on your eyes, the heat band eye mask fits your face perfectly without harming your skin or eyesight.
great for travel
Whether you’re trying to get some good quality sleep in a long journey flight or take a snap in office without proper black-out curtains, the light will have a detrimental effect on your sleep.

An easy-to-carry silk eye mask can solve these problems, They are small enough and can be easily slip into your travel bag. This travel accessory can help reduce stress levels as well.
You Can Follow And Choose The Necessary Sources to Custom Perfect Silk Eye Mask
Choose Silk Sleep Mask Types
A classic lightweight and comfortable sleep mask well fit your eye contour that shuts out as much light as possible, it has a small elastic strap that you won’t feel it and exact fit your head size, it’s good for travelling because it’s light and can rollup in small size.
This mask is a game changer. It wraps all the way around theeye area—covering most of the upper-half of your face—light won’t come through and partially anti-noice so that won’t interrupt our deepest sleep.compare with elastic strap, it willnot make you feel that it press up to your eyes.
Choose Silk Sleep Mask Fabric
Grade 6A silk satin is the highest quality long-strand silk from cocoons that are pearly white in color.The 6A silk is made from intact silk thread with no breakage that has the best performance in size deviation, even-ness change, cleaness, neatness, tenacity, elongation and defect.
Slip silk is developed and refined based on 6A silk, this silk fabric has the characteristics of more shine, thicker, softer, smoother and more durable,it has better feeling than normal silk, the imperfection is that this fabric has few color available, colors can be customized if quantity can reach 200 meters.
Silk velvet combines both silk and rayon with rayon fabric as velvet and silk georgette as base, it has a sheen like no other, a beautiful lustre all of its own that's borne out by the way it feels – super soft and smooth with a wonderful flow kind of like fur touch, reflects out different color from different angle.
Imitated silk satin is indeed polyester satin that has the similar luxurious smooth, silky, soft feeling as silk it is also a glossy fabric having one shiny and one dull side, but polyester has no good breathability, water absorption ability, not suggested for long time use, the price is cheap suitable for promotion gift or advertising purpose.
Polyester velvet a silken textile fabric having a short dense piled surface, with similar soft and smooth hand feeling like silk velvet with much cheaper price, it is a high-density fabric suitable for embroidery logo instead of printing, this fabric also has good light shading performance that always combine with silk on eye touch side.
Choose How To Add Your Pattern Or Logo
Digital print or screen print your pattern on front side or two sides, which can print any pattern on with oeko 100 class I certified, safe and environmental.
Premium quality grade ‘A’ 300 thread count embroider logo, name or simple pattern onvery delicate embroidery, no extra threads between words and even thread thickness.
The sequins are arranged in a simple graphic or logo shape, and then the sequins are embroidered on the silk eye mask to present a unique nice and shiny art.
Choose Silk Eye Mask Band
Elastic wide band is widely used in silk eye masks, its good elasticity can well match most head sizes, the elastic band is covered by silk fabric which makes it feels soft as well, besides elastic band can makes eye mask looks more elegant, the imperfection is that some people may feels their eyeballs are under pressure.
Adjustable elastic band is elastic band combined with adjustablebuckles, it has much better adjustability, can fit any head size, people will not feel its tightness, but this elastic band can’t be wraped by silk fabric and it has two metal buckles may cause uncomfortableness when lying on hard pillowcase.
Choose Silk Eye Mask Infilling
100% silk infilling is softer and more breathable, has better touch feelingthat is widely used in silk eye mask, price is only $0.5-0.8 higher, it is alsothicker and has better performace in blocking light, suggested !
100% silk infilling is softer and more breathable, has better touch feelingthat is widely used in silk eye mask, price is only $0.5-0.8 higher, it is alsothicker and has better performace in blocking light, suggested !
Other Custom Details You May Like To Know
The silk eye mask can be three layers, the extra layer is for inserting ice bag,heat band or herb like lavender, to make silk eye mask more helpful to relax and protect eyes.
The closure can be visible machine sewing or seamless hand sewing
We also can custom your own silk eye mask packaging
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Top 7 Questions About Custom Silk Eye Masks
Is the silk eye mask 100% silk ?
The silk eye mask infilling can be silk or opp cotton, that depends on your requirement, also the piped edge around eye mask is not silk unless you asked, since that will rise the price.
How long will the sample or bulk production last for custom eye masks ?
3-5 days to finish for solid color with embroidery logo sample, 7-10 days for printed ones, bulk production time is based on quantity, normally 10-15 days for quantity less than 500pcs.
Is there any minimum order for custom silk eye masks ?
Yes, there is a low minimum quantity 30pcs each design or each color with embroidery logo.
Do you offer drop shipping service ?
Yes, if you are an e-shop owner, we can pack each silk eye mask include your own company info and directly ship them to most of countries only if you can provide the shipping address, recipients and phone number, also we will deal the changing or refunding.
What is your return policy on reject/faulty silk eyemasks ?
The silk eyemasks has very low rate of defective, because evey meter of fabric is double checkedbefore printing or cutting, for any defective ones, you can choose to get refund or remake them, forfaulty ones, whole order can be remade, but if you can accept, a discount can be offered.
How can I get a quote ?
Since there are too many different sizes, requirements and the fabric prices always change, it is difficult to offer a price list, you can submmit a quote by choose the different options or directly contact us.
Do you have a template of eye mask ?
Yes, please contact us to get the template or you can just send a oblong artwork like 24x12cm we will creat the outline for custom silk eye masks.