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Custom Bandana To Promote
Your Own Logo & Company
Bandana is the most popular promotional product because of its excellent low-cost price and wide range of use. People wear bandana on many occasions, sports events, corporate travel, charity, running, music festivals, parties, conferences, etc., bandana its durability and aesthetic performance allow people to wear it for a long time instead of one-time use. The CDC in the United States has suggested that the bandana can be replaced by a mask to slow the spread of COVID-19. Through the various printing methods we provide, any logo, designs or promotional elements can be perfectly presented on the bandana.

→ No Size Limits
There is no limited sizes for choose, it can be any size you like.
→ No Color Limits
Any color, any design can be printed
→ More Fabic Options
Many suitable fabrics for bandana like silk, cotton, rayon, polyetser.
→ Design Support
We offer FREE design support for not complex designs.
Make custom bandanas easier, quicker, cheaper and no worries
Choose Your Custom Scarf Style
Certificates For Fabrics

More and more consumers are opting for accessories that use sustainable, organic or recycled fabrics. For environmentally friendly and healthy, we provide fabrics and dyes that meet the following international standards.

Custom Bandana In 3 Easy Steps
Pick fabric
Based on your budget
Choose printing
According to your requirement
Choose hemming
As your wish
100% Cotton
Cotton is the most popular fabric for banana,include cotton canvas, cotton poplin and cotton volie, according to different yarns or thickness, also with organic cotton available.
Cotton Silk Mixed
Cotton silk is a relatively cheap fabric for bandana too, it’s smoother and softer than pure cotton fabric, with 14, 16 & 19momme available. Light but not see through.
100% Silk
Silk twill is a good choice for bandana as well, in addition to relatively higher price, its breathability and comfort are the best, no irritation to sensitive skin, loved by artists, fashion brands.
100% Polyester
With its cheap price, the polyester cotton bandana is the best choice for promotion or gift, has the same hand feeling with cotton, recycled polyester is available as well.
Digital Printing
Digital printing works almost like a normal office printer and can support any complex or simple design, in any desired color. It uses improved inkjet technology to print any graphics on bandana. The digital printing process is relatively simple. Bandana fabric is first "pretreated", that is, sizing. The sizing is a medium that allows the ink to better integrate with the fabric. After the sizing is dried, it can be put into the printer like paper for printing, follow is steaming (fixing the color firmly on the fabric), washing (washing away excess sizing, dyes, softening and smoothing the bandana).
The traditional digital printing can only print on one side of bandana. The disadvantage is that the color on the back is light. The thicker the fabric, the worse the color on the back. The latest double-sided printing solves this problem. Printing on both sides of the fabric can make the color of the front and back exactly same, or even different colors can be printed, but the relative price will be much higher. Currently, it is mostly used in silk bandanas.
Our digital printers use water-based, non-toxic, biodegradable inks that provide exceptional color accuracy, print quality and exceptional washability.

The Pros.
Not setup fee, low minimum, fast turn around.
The Cons.
Not high accuracy color, relatively higher price.
Screen Printing
The design is divided into different colors, and then printed on the photosensitive emulsion and coated on the silk screen, and then placed under ultraviolet light to be photosensitive. The photosensitive part is rinsed with water to form a mesh of a specific shape. The mesh can be used to penetrate the ink, and the non-mesh part to block the ink.
When printing on bandana, pour ink at one end of the screen printing plate, apply a certain pressure to the ink part on the screen printing plate with a stencil, and move at a constant speed towards the other end of the screen printing plate. The fabric is placed on a high temperature table to cure and dry the ink that has penetrated into the fabric.
Screen printing is divided into hand screen printing and machine screen printing. The printing principle is the same. The difference is a manual stencil and a machine stencil. The color of hand screen printing is more fine, and the machine screen printing is suitable for large quantity with much cheaper price but not very high quality.

The Pros.
Nice colour on both sides and bold shapes, cheaper price.
The Cons.
Not suitable for complex design, slow turnaround, high setup fee, high minimum.
Dye Sublimation
Simply put, sublimation thermal transfer printing is to print disperse dyes (or sublimation inks) on a specific paper in advance as a mirror image with digital printing machine, after that, the transfer is lined up with the bandan fabric, a combination of heat and pressure are applied. This causes the inks to transition from their current solid form, directly into a gas.
The ink then penetrates into the fibers of the material and becomes permanently bonded to the bandana, the entire heat transfer printing process completed after that. The end result is a high-definition print with an incredibly intricate level of detail.
Unlike traditional digital printing, it saves the steps of sizing, steaming and washing, which is more efficient and cost saving.
Sublimation printing is only available on bandana fabrics containing polyester (100% polyester or polyester blend). Although it can be sublimated on other materials such as cotton, the color fastness is poor and it is easy to fade. It cannot be used on natural fibers and protein fabrics.

The Pros.
Not setup fee, low minimum, fast turn around, cheap price.
The Cons.
Not suitable for all fabrics, backside color is pale.
Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. Traditionally a handmade decorative process, embroidery is now a precision machined technique, putting state-of-the-art equipment to work on gorgeous, complex outcomes with multiple thread colours.

Embroidery is often used for brand logos and names, its 3d effect can make the brand name more conspicuous and prominent on bandana. Embroidering logos is synonymous with quality and luxury.

The Pros.
Fast turn around, cheap price, professional Touch.
The Cons.
Not suitable for complex design or logo.
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Custom Bandana Frequently Asked Questions
What's the turnaround time ?
Samples can be ready in 5-7 days, bulk order can be ready in 10-20 days according to the quantity.
What's the minimum quantity for custom bandanas ?
Normally the minimum quantity for custom bandanas is 30pcs each design, can be negotiated.
What are the available bandana colors ?
There is no colors limit for bandana, any color and any designs can be printed.
Where are the bandanas made ?
All bandanas will be made in China and shipped from China by Express like DHL, FedEx, 5-7 days to most countries around world.
Do you offer samples ?
Yes, free fabric swatches are available to provide, samples with your own designs will be charged$20-$30 according to the sizes and requirement.
What file format is required for custom bandana ?
It can be jpg, pdf, ai, tif or psd files with no less than 200 dpi, the higher the better.
How do I upload the designs ?
For designs less than 20mb can be directly sent to email address [email protected], or through wetransfer.com to above email address if it is too large.
100 Satisfaction Guarantee ?
If you are in any way dissatisfied with the quality or service, we will arrange a reprint or issue a prompt refund. Your satisfaction is our top priority.