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Custom Silk Pillows
It is easy to find a silk pillowcase manufacturer, but it is not easy to custom make your own pillowcases in good quality, have you everthink about below problems that many clients complained or asked ?
It is not 100% mulberry silk
This pillowcase fabric is thin
Size is not right for my pillow
It feels not smooth at all
Why silk quality feels not good?
Why your price is so high?
Do you have more colors & sizes to choose?
Do you have the same slippy silk pillow?
You Can Follow And Choose The Necessary Sources to Custom Perfect Silk Pillowcases
Choose the right silk fabric according to your budget and usage.
Relatively thin, the fabric is a bit transparent, not recommended to use it as silk pillowcase, since it is easy to be damaged after washing several times, you may get high complaint.
The popular thickness in market, there are few quality problems after use, the price is relatively cheap, and there are nearly 90 color options, offer your clients more choices than others.
22 mm is the most used thickness. Compared with 19 mm, it has higher fabric density, better hand feeling, more texture & durable. 30 colors,in stock whcih covers most of the popular ones.
A specially treated silk fabric when woven, is softer, smoother, more textured, brighter in color, and more comfortable to touch. The drawback is that it has only few color options.
30mm is heavy silk that is widely used in silk home furnishings and bedding products. The thickness and quality are sufficient for silk pillowcases, but the price is relatively high.
Silk & cotton blended fabrics are a bit like silk, but still not so smooth, soft, luster compare with silk, the advantage is that the price is cheap, suitable for promotional gifts.
Toddler Size Silk Pillowcases
Pillowcase Dimensions: 14 inches by 20 inches A 100% pure mulberry silk toddler pillowcase is now an absolute must-have for toddler's bed, high quality silk prevents bed head and tangled hair, provides essential moisture to delicate
toddler and baby skin, pure mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and dust mites. Silk is also anti-fungal and non-irritating, which is why pediatricians and dermatologists recommend silk bed linen for children with sensitive skin, allergies, eczema, or dermatitis. Also silk helps regulate body temperature to comfort child to have a sweety dream. That is why toddler silk pillowcase are more and more popular.
A toddler doesn’t need a standard- or queen-sizepillowcase. Most toddler pillow are about 13 by 18 inches, which is more appropriate for smaller heads(and smaller sleeping spaces!). An 14 inches by 20 inchessilk pillowcase can fit most of child pillows on the market.
Standard Size Silk Pillowcases
Pillowcase Dimensions: 20 inches by 26 inchesStandard size pillowcases are suitable for standard and queen size pillows. The extra material at one end can cover the longer length of the queen-size pillow and still be pleasing in appearance.
These sizes are indeed the most suitable for sleeping, and they are the first size we recommend. The disadvantage of long pillows is that the filling is easier to migrate to the end. Some sleepers prefer shorter pillows because they like compactness. These sizes can also save money, so those who have no real preference can choose a cheaper option.
Another branch of the standard size pillowcase is the super standard size. Although not so common, the super standard size pillowcase is 2 inches longer and can accommodate larger pillows. It can fit both standard and super-standard pillows, but too small for a king-size pillow.
Queen Size Silk Pillowcases
Pillowcase Dimensions: 20 inches by 30 inchesQueen pillowcases are four inches longer than the standard size. The longer size allows two queen pillows to stretch perfectly across a queen size mattress. They also fit nicely with a king or a California king bed.
Some queen pillows can fit inside standard pillowcases depending on the brand. The width is the same, but because standard pillowcases tend to be longer, they can adequately fit a queen pillow. The Queen pillow is a good choice for someone who tosses and turns because it gives you lots of room on each side of your head. As well, a large pillow can feel luxurious and contribute to a retreat-like feel in your bedroom.
King Size Silk Pillowcases
Pillowcase Dimensions: 20 inches by 36 inchesThe king size pillowcase is made to fit extra-large pillows. 10 inches longer than the standard size, which is too big for a pillow in standard or queen size. Two king-size pillows are placed side by side and can be comfortably placed on 76-inch wide king-size mattress.
King-size pillows are designed for king-size beds or California king-size beds, but for people always tosses and turns, they are also great for twin beds. They are also made into a good backrest pillow, which can be used for reading in bed or working on a laptop. King size pillows can also be used as shorter body pillows.
Choose How To Add Your Pattern Or Logo
OEKO-100 certified eco-friendly printing
Print any simple or complex patterns
Print on one-side or two sides
Photos, paintings, designs all can be perfectly presented
Have your customers sleep on art at every night
Premium quality grade 'A' 300 thread count.
Embroider name, logo or 1-2 color simple pattern
Delicate embroidery no extra threads between words
90 colors for you to choose to embroider on
Rhinestone hot driling makes your silk pillowcase more special
Can custom your own logo, name or simple pattern
Rhinestone firmly stick on silk pillowcase, not easy to drop
90 colors to choose with low minimum quantity
Input The Color Number You Like
90 colors available for 16,19 & 22mm silk satin, you can input the number of color you like to embroider your logo on
Choose How To Sew The Edge
The Oxford styled pillowcases feature a 2-3 inches flange, which adds an elegant and fresh look to the pillowcase
Housewife pillowcase often referred to as the 'standard' pillowcase, has a sewn edge, which fits neatly around pillow
By sewing the fabric together with the piping, the edge isdelicately decorated, piping is polyester or cotton made
Choose The Pillowcase Closure
An overlap closure on top or center of reverse side with three sides seamless sewed.
・The insert can be easily put in or pulled out
・No pillows peeking out of the pillowcase
・Pillows won’t start sliding out of the cases
・Pillowcases don’t get twisted while sleeping
・Pillowcases don’t easily get wrinkled
Two knife edges come together on the 4th side with small zipper hidden sewn-in together.
・Price is cheaper than envelope pillowcase
・It is the most typical type of pillow closure
・Easier to wash and care
・Zipper is a hard metal piece that may be slept
・Not so durable than envelope pillowcase
Why Our Quality is better
6A grade silk
OEKO certified CLASS I
Neatly hemming
Firmlly overlocking
Clear embroidery
Delicate printing
Hand cut
Premium zipper
We Also Can Custom Silk Pillowcases Packaging
An silk pillowcase always need a gift box package to make
the silk pillowcase looks more luxurious and fashionable.
The gift box has many kinds:
lid and base style
flip style
drawer style
envelope style
With your own logo and instruction
printed, embossed, hot stamped and etc.
Custom Cases
custom children silk pillowcase
custom contrast color pillow case
custom emboridery luxury silk pillowcase
custom embroidered pillowcases with piping
custom envelope silk pillowcase
custom floral print pillow cover
custom logo printed cushion cover
custom made pillow cases
custom oxford edge silk pillowcase
custom oxford mulberry silk pillowcase
custom pattern embroidery silk pillowcase
custom pillow case with hidden zipper
custom pillowcase for him and her
custom pure silk pillow cover
custom silk pillowcase for hair
cutm envelope silk pillowcase
logo embroidery silk pillow
same slippy silk fabric pillowcase
special lace edge custom pillowcase
ultra size custom silk pillowcase
Top 7 Questions About Custom Scarves
Is the silk pillowcase 100% silk ?
Yes, all the silk pillowcases we made are 100% mulberry silk unless you choose silk blend fabric.
How long will the sample or bulk production last for ?
3-5 days to finish for solid color with embroidery logo sample, 7-10 days for printed ones, bulk production time is based on quantity, normally 10-15 days for quantity less than 500pcs.
Is there any minimum order for custom silk pillowcase ?
Yes, there is a low minimum quantity 20pcs each design or each color with embroidery logo.
Do you offer drop shipping service ?
Yes, if you are an e-shop owner, we can pack each silk pillowcase include your own company info and directly ship them to most of countries only if you can provide the shipping address, recipients and phone number, also we will deal the changing or refunding.
What is your return policy on reject/faulty silk pillowcases ?
The silk pillowcase has very low rate of defective, because evey meter of fabric is double checkedbefore printing or cutting, for any defective ones, you can choose to get refund or remake them, forfaulty ones, whole order can be remade, but if you can accept, a discount can be offered.
How can I get a quote ?
Since there are too many different sizes, requirements and the fabric prices always change, it is difficult to offer a price list, you can submmit a quote by choose the different options or directly contact us.
Can I have color samples ?
Yes, we offer color samples book and an A4 size sample for you to check the quality.