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sino silk

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Woven ties:strip, repeated logo, geometric pattern,simple repeated pattern or pure color which are suitable for woven.

Printed ties:suitable for irregular or complicated designs with gradient color like flowers, screen print or digital print can be chosen accordingly.

Difference:The main difference is that the fabric for a printed tie is made up of the same fabric which is directly printed on to form the color patterns.  A woven tie, however, is made up of various colored fibers that form a pattern.

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Silk and polyester are widely used,as the durable and elegant features.Choosing fabrics basically is based on the usage and budget, for example, if the ties are for promotional use in like shop,bank,school, museums, clubs, restaurants, airlines,...then you can choose polyester fabric, it is imitated silk, much cheaper with silk hand felling, water and oil proof.

If it is for personal use in like party,business conference, silk is suggested.

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