Reasons Why You Should Have a Bandana

What can you do with a bandana? This ubiquitous and selective cloth in life has a variety of uses. But are we getting the most out of this simple piece?
Bandanas aren’t just an accessory for your back pocket. The 22inch square piece of fabric is incredibly durable and can be a powerful tool in your life. If you’re a big fan of camping and hiking, bandanas are an essential tool that can come in handy in a variety of ways. In fact, there are so many uses for them it’s hard to name them all. Whether you are interested in silk or cotton bandanas, you won’t run out of things to do with them. Let’s look at some of the most popular uses for bandanas.

Wear it on Your Head

You’ve surely seen many people pull this move. In the US, the bandana became popular as a way for women to pull their hair back when they entered the workforce during WW2. Remember Rosie the Riveter? She was always wearing a bandana on her head. It’s a great way to pull your hair back in a pinch and look stylish while doing so. Silk and cotton bandanas are great to wear on your head.

Use as Neck Wrap

If you’re out in the sun and forgot sunscreen, a bandana can come in handy as a neck wrap. Just wrap it around your neck and tie a knot to keep it in place.


Protect Your Eyes

If you’re out and forgot your sunglasses, hopefully, you have your trusty bandana! A bandana can be used as makeshift eye protection when you need it. This is helpful in the sun, or in windy conditions where dust may be flying around. A cotton bandana is usually best for this.



Use a Bandana as a Tablecloth

If you’re camping or going on a picnic, you can use a bandana as a tablecloth. This is best if you’re trying to eat on the ground, or perhaps on a dirty table that you can’t clean off. Simply put the bandana down, and now you have a clean eating surface.




Along with the tablecloth, a bandana makes a great napkin, too. You never know when food can get messy, so always keep your cotton bandana with you just in case!


Baby Bib

If you forgot your diaper bag at home but have your bandana, you’ve still got a bib! Wrap the bandana around your baby’s neck, but not too tight. They should keep their clothes clean! You can also use it to wipe their face when they’re done.



Makeshift Bag

When you’re in a pinch and need to carry belongings, you can tie them up in a bandana. While not the most secure way to carry something, it will get the job done. You can knot the ends to form a handle to make it easier to carry.



Pot Holder


You don’t know you need a potholder until you do. Perhaps you’re out camping and cooking on a fire. You then realize you have no way to remove your pot. That’s where your cotton bandana comes in!



Trail Marker

If you’re out hiking, be sure to bring your bandana along. You can use it as a trail marker to find your way back. In fact, you should bring a few of them because one may not be enough for this when you’re hiking on a familiar path. Yes, we have cell phones and GPS but many times you won’t have good service when out in the wilderness.


First Aid

This is another one for if you’re out hiking, camping, or otherwise don’t have first aid supplies. You can use a bandana as a sling if you or someone you’re with has hurt their arm. If you’re really in a bind, you could also use a cotton bandana to clean off a wound.

A bandana can also be used as a bandage. It’s not the most sterile thing in the world, but a cotton bandana will do in a pinch to keep you safe. You can also wet a cotton bandana and use it as a cold compress.

Mood Lighting

This one stray away from the wilderness theme. If you want to change the lighting in a room, you can drape a printed bandana over a lamp. This will give you a subtle yet noticeable difference in lighting. Be mindful that this could potentially be a fire hazard, so use the bandana as mood lighting wisely.


When in doubt, a bandana can come in handy as a tissue. Sneezing and coughing should always be covered so you don’t spread germs. It’s important to remember to not use that bandana for other things once it’s become a snot rag.

Water Strainer

If you’re in need of fresh drinking water, you can use a bandana to strain sediment out of the water. This can happen if you’re out hiking or camping and you want to take water from a stream or creek. A bandana can help you strain out gravel and debris to make it usable.


A printed bandana is a great way to get attention if you need help. You can wave it in the air as a signal for others. Or, you can tie it up in a tree to show others where you are, as well.

Making Fire

If you have a cotton bandana with you, you can soak it in lighter fluid or oil to create a torch. This can be used to ignite a campfire or be used for lighting. Be sure to practice proper safety with an open flame.

Make it Into a Pillow

A silk bandana can be wrapped around something soft to create a pillow when you need one. You could also use a cotton bandana, as well. It’s easy. Wrap it around the object and there you have a perfect little pillow to lay your head on to rest.


To sum it up, there are plenty of reasons to carry a bandana with you. Whether the bandana is silk or cotton, you’ll be able to find many uses. To add to your collection, try ordering custom printed bandanastoday!

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