Custom Printed Silk Viscose Fabric
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    The viscose fabric is a kind of silk man-made fiber, which is composed of cellulose, a

    high-end apparel fabrics. It has close characteristic of silk, the advantages of mulberry

    silk can basically be seen in rayon fabrics: good air permeability, moisture absorption

    and perspiration, the fabric has a cool feeling, and good skin-friendly performance.

    Good comfort and noble anti-static. The appearance, feel and style of high-end viscose 

    fabrics (such as fine denier filaments) are almost indistinguishable from mulberry silk.

    They are regarded as the ideal substitute for mulberry silk, blend with silk makes viscose

    more smooth and shining, closer to the real silk with much cheaper price,thissilk and

    viscose fabric would be perfect for tops, dresses, deconstructed jackets and more.

    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    16mm55"Silk Viscose20% Silk 80% Viscose
    19mm55"Silk Modal25% Silk 75% Viscose










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