Custom Printed Silk Modal Fabrics
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    Modal fiber is made of European beech wood through beating and spinning. The raw

    material is 100% natural, biodegradable and harmless to the environment. After perfectly

    blending the modal with protei fiber silk, the silk modal fabric has the luster and good

    drape of silk, soft and smooth handle, bright cloth surface, good dimensional stability,

    durability, moisture absorption and breathability. Both silk and modal have good

    antibacterial and anti-mite functions. The good wrinkle resistance of modal is perfectly 

    solve the silk is easy to wrinkle problem. And silk modal is a cheap fabric. 

    Silk modal is widely used in scarves, pajamas, underwear, sportswear and casual wear

    and home textile products

    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    7.5mm55"Silk Modal30% Silk 70% Modal
    9.5mm55"Silk Modal15% Silk 85% Modal
    11.5mm55"Silk Modal15% Silk 85% Modal
    13.5mm55"Silk Modal15% Silk 85% Modal

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