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    Silk and linen fabric are typical representative fabric that that combines plant fiber and

    protein fiber. The two complement enhance their respective functions. The silk and linen

    is interwoven with warp-direction silk and weft-direction. The silk has good toughness,

    strength and certain tension, and the wearing comfort is guaranteed; while the linen has

    sufficient rigidity and strong corrosion resistance, especially It is the irregular yarn evenness

    that makes the cloth have a natural casual effect, so linen has always been more popular in

    high-end fashion. Interwoven silk and linen take advantage of the various advantages of silk

    and linen to complement each other, improve the smoothness of the silk, and make linen

    that has always been rougher more comfortable to wear.
    Silk and linen have the characteristics of high strength of hemp, good moisture absorption,

    breathability and coolness, washability and light resistance, and the softness, smoothness 

    bright luster of silk. Silk linen is ideal for sewing and is used by interior designers for

    upholstery, drapery, while fashion designers create suits, jackets and blazers with this

    versatile fabric.

    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    14mm55"Silk Linen30% Silk 70% Linen
    16mm55"Silk Linen30% Silk 70% Linen
    20mm55"Silk Linen30% Silk 70% Linen
    24mm55"Silk Linen30% Silk 70% Linen


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