Custom Printed Silk Wool Fabric
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    Silk wool fabric is a blend of silk and wool, normally it can be 15% silk & 85% wool,35% silk

    & 65% wool, or 50% silk & 50% wool. Two kinds of protein fibers perfect blended which makes

    this fabric has the silk's moisture absorption, breathability, lightness, smoothness, soft

    texture, light, transparent, flexibility, and has the wool characteristics of full hand feeling,

    good warmth retention, comfortable wearing and good wrinkle resistance. It is very

    comfortable to wear on the body, very elegant. With its outstanding durability, this marvelous

    fabric can withstand a heavy amount of seaming,  perfect for wedding accessories, evening

    dresses, scarves, pants, skirts, blouses, and home décor.

    YarnsWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    6055"Silk Wool10% Silk 90% Wool
    8055"Silk Wool15% Silk 85% Wool
    10055"Silk Wool30% Silk 70% Wool
    20055"Silk Wool50% Silk 50% Wool


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