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    Silk cotton fabric is the most common silk blended fabric. Under normal circumstances,

    silk-cotton fabrics are made of this two materials for warp and weft. Cotton is used for

    weft and silk is used for warp. The content of conventional silk and cotton is 30% and 70%.

    Because it is blended with cotton, the luster of silk-cotton fabric is not as good as that of

    silk fabrics, and the feel is rougher than silk fabrics. However, silk-cotton combines the

    softness, smoothness of silk and the skin-friendly, sweat-absorbing characteristics of cotton.

    It has good tensile strength and long durability. It can be used for shirts, windbreakers,

    trousers, stage suits and other clothing. Silk cotton fabricis also the preferred fabric for

    bags, handbags, robe, dress and luggage linings. Compared with 100% pure silk fabrics,

    the price is superior and cheap is also a major advantage of silk cotton fabric.


    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    9mm55"Silk Cotton30% Silk 70% Cotton
    12mm55"Silk Cotton30% Silk 70% Cotton
    14mm55"Silk Cotton30% Silk 70% Cotton
    16mm55"Silk Cotton30% Silk 70% Cotton
    19mm55"Silk Cotton30% Silk 70% Cotton


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