Custom Printed Silk Jacquard Fabric
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    Silk jacquard fabric refers to a weaving method in which warp yarns or weft yarns sink

    and float on the surface of a silk fabric according to patterns. There are many varieties

    of silk jacquard fabrics and the manufacturing process is complicated. This design is

    often slightly shiny, and the background matte, creating an attractive mix of lustres

    that provides movement and light texture, silk jacquard fabric has high density, soft,

    delicate,slippery unique texture, good gloss, elegant and noble characteristics with

    strong color hierarchy, silk jacquard fabric is widely used for skirts, dresses, traditional

    wear such as abayas, blouses and wide-legged/palazzo trousers. 


    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    16mm55"Silk Jacquard100% Silk
    19mm55"Silk Jacquard100% Silk
    22mm55"Silk Jacquard100% Silk
    25mm55"Silk Jacquard100% Silk



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