Custom Printed Silk Yoryu Fabric
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    Silk yoryu fabric is a lightweight chiffon with a vertical crinkled texture (The silk yoryu

    warp yarns are arranged in a 2s2z manner, while the weft yarns have only one twist

    direction. After finishing the fabric, the surface of the fabric shows irregular warp

    wrinkle stripes.). A sheer fabric with a lot of bounce texture that looks great gathered.

    Silk yoryu range of fabric is the one for soft and lightweight fabrics, Its beautiful floaty

    drape with a soft slightly textured hand feel makses it excellent to use as shawls, scarves

    or to use as overlays or trims for the dresses to add that splash of colour. 

    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    5.5mm55"Silk Yoryu100% Silk
    8mm55"Silk Yoryu100% Silk
    12mm55"Silk Yoryu100% Silk
    16mm55"Silk Yoryu100% Silk




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