Custom Printed Silk Taffeta
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    Silk taffeta is one of the most elegant special occasion fabrics. It is a admirably crisp, soft,

    smooth, glossy, plain-weave woven  fabric made with a plain-weave technique, which

    alternately passes a weft above and below a single warp, thus forming a chessboard grid

    pattern. The uniqueness of taffeta is that the threads are twisted during weaving and are

    woven very tightly to form the stiffness and structure of the final fabric.  Taffeta silk fabric

    is the second most widely used silk (only after silk dupioni).

    Taffeta is widely used in wedding accessories, evening dresses, ball gowns, suits, blouses,

    linings, underwear, clothing, hats, bags, curtains and etc.

    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    12mm45"/55"Silk Taffeta100% Silk
    14mm45"/55"Silk Taffeta100% Silk
    16mm45"/55"Silk Taffeta100% Silk
    19mm45"/55"Silk Taffeta100% Silk




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