Custom Printed Silk Organza Fabric
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    Silk organza fabric is characteristically sheer, stiff, transparent, lightweight and crisp, a

    durable fabric with flat and smooth satin lustre texture. Woven from lustrous silk yarns,

    silk organza fabric has an incredible sheen in addition to its particular volume that allows

    the fabric to stand apart from the body and because of its crisp texture, it is often used

    to make dresses, wedding garments,  evening gowns, petticoats, costuming, lampshade

    work, interfacing, and jewelry bags

    The regular specification of organza is 5.5mm, which is a very light and thin silk fabric.

    There are other thicknesses of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm. 

    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    5.5mm45"/55"Silk Organza100% Silk
    8mm45"/55"Silk Organza100% Silk
    10mm45"/55"Silk Organza100% Silk
    12mm45"/55"Silk Organza100% Silk
    14mm45"/55"Silk Organza100% Silk


    Other silk organza fabric available: 

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