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    The silk georgette has a strong contraction effect after refine, the silk surface is densely

    covered with fine and even wrinkles and tiny sand holes. The texture is light and thin,

    elegant and transparent, soft to touch, full of elasticity, good air permeability and

    drape. The shrinkage rate is also large, generally 10-12%, needs to put into water first,

    and then cut the garment after it has shrunk sufficiently. Suitable for shirts, dresses,

    high-end evening dresses and scarves, curtains and etc. 

    The main thicknesss of georgette are 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm. The thicker one is 22,26

    mm and there is almost no other thickness in middle. The width is generally 114 cm and


    The main purpose of georgette is to make scarves, especially the 8 mm georgette which is

    very suitable for making silk scarves, very light and elegant. Of course, georgette can also

    be used to make clothing, but generally double layers are used, and a lining is added if

    necessary, because it is too thin. Silk georgette can be used as a lining for some long

    skirts. In addition, heavy georgette can be used to make pants.

    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    8mm45"/55"Silk Georgette100% Silk
    10mm45"/55"Silk Georgette100% Silk
    12mm45"/55"Silk Georgette100% Silk
    22mm45"/55"Silk Georgette100% Silk
    26mm45"/55"Silk Georgette100% Silk


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