Custom Printed Silk Habotai
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    Silk habotai is made of 23dtex (20/22D) mulberry silk as raw material, and the organization

    is plain weave. It is a thin high-density silk fabrics. Example: For power spinning with a

    weight of 8mm and a width of 114cm, the warp and weft are made of two 20/22D mulberry

    silks, which are woven without twists. This is obviously different from the silk georgette of

    the same specification. The warp and weft are all twisted, so the surface of the silk georgette

    will have obvious crepe feeling after the fabric is formed, while the surface of the silk habotai

    is smooth. Because the weaving method is very different from other silk fabrics, the final style

    of the silk habotai is the same, without very strong reflection, just a faint hazy luster, not very

    dazzling, and not too low-key. It is suitable for decoration in a neutral style or used as an

    auxiliary contrast. According to the weight of silk fabric per square meter, it can be divided

    into heavy weight (above 20m/m), medium weight (10m/m-20m/m), light weight (below 10m/m)

    , the conventional thickness is 8/10/12/14mm. The shrinkage of real silk habotai is not big,

    generally around 5%. The power textile material is tight and clean, with a soft hand feel, soft

    luster, smooth and comfortable to wear. Silk habotai is used to make jackets, coats,

    windbreakers, winter clothes, etc. outerwear; medium pounds are mainly used as pajama

    sets, fashion summer shirts, skirt fabrics and children's clothing fabrics, and also be used

    as clothing linings, petticoat, turban, etc



    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    8mm45"/55"Silk Habotai100% Silk
    10mm45"/55"Silk Habotai100% Silk
    12mm45"/55"Silk Habotai100% Silk
    14mm45"/55"Silk Habotai100% Silk
    20mm45"/55"Silk Habotai100% Silk
    22mm45"/55"Silk Habotai100% Silk
    25mm45"/55"Silk Habotai100% Silk
    30mm45"/55"Silk Habotai100% Silk





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