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    Crepe silk fabric, using mulberry silk as the raw material, the warp yarn is non-twisted

    monofilament, and the weft is strong twisted. When weaving, the weft is woven

    alternately with two left twisted threads and two right twisted threads.

    The fabric is plain weave. This kind of fabric is also called double crepe. After scouring

    and finishing,the surface of the fabric is creped, with slight bumps and scaly wrinkles.

    The main characteristics of crepe de chine are: the surface has fine and uniform

    wrinkles,the texture is soft, smooth, the color is bright and soft, flexible, comfortable,

    cool, and breathable. The silk body is heavier than georgette, the luster is soft, the

    hand feels soft, and the wearing is comfortable , Good anti-wrinkle performance.

    Mainly used For men's and women's shirts, skirts and other clothing, the shrinkage

    rate is relatively large, about 8%


    ThicknessWidthSilk FabricFabric Content
    12mm45"/55"Silk Crepe100% Silk
    14mm45"/55"Silk Crepe100% Silk
    16mm45"/55"Silk Crepe100% Silk
    18mm45"/55"Silk Crepe100% Silk
    20mm45"/55"Silk Crepe100% Silk
    22mm45"/55"Silk Crepe100% Silk
    25mm45"/55"Silk Crepe100% Silk
    30mm45"/55"Silk Crepe100% Silk


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