Luxury 22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Pillowcases are sold in 2pcs for each color

  • Item No.22 momme silk pillowcase
    MOQ20 Piece / Pieces
  • Size 30.00 x 20.00 x 1.00 cm
    Weight0.10 kg
  • Customized logo (Min. Order: Piece)
  • Customized packaging (Min. Order: Piece)
Standard Size(20*26inches) Queen Size(20*30inches) King Size(20*36inches)
3# black 4# champagne 8# Mud golden 11# Royal blue 15# Camel 26# Great White 27# Silver grey 29# Beige 62# Lotus Purple 30# Red wine 48# Gray blue 51# Deep Rose Red 52# Dark green 56# Light navy 63# Light gray white 71# Dark beige 81# light beige 83# Blood will tell 84# Johnny blue

Silk is well-deserved as the "fiber queen" for its unique excellent moisture absorption, antibacterial properties, extraordinary elasticity, softness, and smoothness. It is recognized as the softest and healthy natural fiber in the world. 

1. Protect the hair, skin and promote sleep
Silk is a porous protein fiber formed by solidification and fibrosis of the liquid silk protein in the silkworm. More than 97% of pure silk is composed of animal protein and contains 18 essential amino acids. Serine can nourish the skin, increase the vitality of skin cells, and prevent skin aging. The tiny molecules emitted by 18 kinds of amino acids can also be called (sleep factors), which can make people's nerves in a more stable state and promote sleep quality. Silk pillowcases can not only beautify and prevent wrinkles, but also keep the hair soft and smooth, making it hair no longer prone to oil, dry, rough, knot and curl.

2. Two-way adjustment, warm in winter and cool in summer
The thermal conductivity of silk is very low. Compared with all other fibers, silk contains the highest "silk volume void", which is convenient for absorbing and preserving air. It can reduce the thermal conductivity when it is cold, and its warmth retention is better than that of leather, cotton and wool. It can remove excess heat and make the temperature inside the quilt suitable. Two-way adjustment of the quilt temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer.


3. Moisture wicking, comfortable and breathable
The silk protein outside the silk contains a substance called "hydrophilic side chain amino acid", which can absorb the sweat and water discharged by the human body, and remove it to maintain the inner dry and breathable, keep it comfortable, and prevent rheumatism, arthritis, Patients such as frozen shoulder are particularly beneficial.

4. Anti-mite and antibacterial, soft and close-fitting
The silk sericin has ingredients that prevent the breeding of mites and molds, and can prevent harmful organisms from invading the human body during sleep; the chemical composition of silk fibers is very similar to the composition of human skin. This similarity makes silk quilts very close-fitting and soft, static electricity, comfortable to use and not easy to get dirty.

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