Top 7 Questions About Custom Silk Pillowcases
Is the silk pillowcase 100% silk ?
Yes, all the silk pillowcases we made are 100% mulberry silk unless you choose silk blend fabric.
How long will the sample or bulk production last for ?
3-5 days to finish for solid color with embroidery logo sample, 7-10 days for printed ones, bulk production time is based on quantity, normally 10-15 days for quantity less than 500pcs.
Is there any minimum order for custom silk pillowcase ?
Yes, there is a low minimum quantity 20pcs each design or each color with embroidery logo.
Do you offer drop shipping service ?
Yes, if you are an e-shop owner, we can pack each silk pillowcase include your own company info and directly ship them to most of countries only if you can provide the shipping address, recipients and phone number, also we will deal the changing or refunding.
What is your return policy on reject/faulty silk pillowcases ?
The silk pillowcase has very low rate of defective, because evey meter of fabric is double checkedbefore printing or cutting, for any defective ones, you can choose to get refund or remake them, forfaulty ones, whole order can be remade, but if you can accept, a discount can be offered.
How can I get a quote ?
Since there are too many different sizes, requirements and the fabric prices always change, it is difficult to offer a price list, you can submmit a quote by choose the different options or directly contact us.
Can I have color samples ?
Yes, we offer color samples book and an A4 size sample for you to check the quality.