How To Choose the Right Scarf for Work: The Ultimate Guide?

How To Choose the Right Scarf for Work: The Ultimate Guide

According to a recent study conducted by "KB Image Consultant," the physical appearance of women takes up nearly 60% of the credibility in their business. Another unexpected and interesting finding was that women with the same education and professional skills at work, regardless of the industry or position, have universally one thing in common: their appearance counts for about 60% of how credible customers or other staff place them. In layman’s terms, first impressions really do matter!

Remember the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’: Anne Hathaway is a smart young graduate from college who begins working at a fashion magazine run by an icy chief editor and a respected fashion designer, played brilliantly by Meryl Streep in this glamorous film. Yet, her colleagues seemed much more distrustful of her than when she was dressed shabbily. But when she starts looking more professionally, her peers begin to warm up to her and recognize that she has skills that can help them get the jobs done.

It’s a sad fact to think that women in general rely more on looks and appearance than substance. Of course, this doesn’t mean that style and a lovely form are things to ignore! However, you have to face reality: men aren’t usually as keen on style or good looks, so it’s just something that women will have to beat them at if they want to get ahead.

The first secret is that women's looks are the key to their success. They should not try too hard or appear to be overworked. They need to look balanced and in control of themselves, especially at work. It's important for women to dress appropriately and in a way that doesn't stand out too much. If they use accessories like scarves, they should know how to put them on appropriately and confidently so as not to overwhelm others around them. All of this depends on knowing how they want people to perceive them while they're working, which may include a lot of personality factors like their state of mind at any given moment and, more importantly, where they plan on going next in their life.

The first thing to do is to determine which “work family” you belong to. Closely examine the instances where you are working with people and choose the option that best describes what you are accustomed to. In general, however, there are three major “work families” that one could belong to, and they function as follows:


Formal Jobs

Formal jobs include such sectors as banking, real estate, finance, insurance etc. Your basic business suit with a scarf is the way to go. The neck scarf tied in the front shot over your jacket in a simple, classic way is stunning. Avoid low cut tops, short skirts, wild or over-the-top shoes and accessories. You want to convey an air of professionalism. Remember that the success of your career will reflect the success of your job, so make sure you're dressing in a way that best represents your industry.

Jobs in Media Communication

Exposed communication jobs are, for example, media, fashion, advertising, PR and artists. Since there are so many people outside, you have to prove that you're not afraid to be different and that you can relate to the latest trends. In some ways, you have your own personal style and you aren't afraid to show it! By being unique and bold with colors like yellow or blue, you can accentuate your personal style. You don’t want a scarf in your hair or around your neck to simply blend in, because, let's face it, that wouldn't make for a very interesting fashion statement. Take some time to figure out how you want to tie it in order to create a trendy look that will help take you from day-to-night effortlessly. Be creative! Let individualism be your motto! You definitely won't run into any fashion faux pas by expressing yourself through this colorful accessory, as long as it’s not anything too jazzy.

Limited Interactive Jobs

Jobs with limited direct interactivity are those such as administration, working from home or over the phone. As long as you feel like you look good, wear your scarf any way you like. You don’t always have to follow the trends. Feel free to use your personal taste. For example, if jeans are your go-to clothing item and a stylish scarf is the accessory of your choice, choose one that reflects your own personal style and flair. Lucky for you, we’re talking about a fun accessory that can be paired with anything. Though you care about details such as how others perceive you, overall, you don’t conform to dress codes just for the sake of it - whatever you happen to be wearing suits you!


Whatever your job is, there is a scarf style for you. So, choose from thousands of unique styles and get into the flow of mind that is necessary to do your job with style.



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