Is Silk Machine Washable ?


The silk fabric , in addition to the fragile properties of "wrinkle when sitting, and easy to be scratched", the silk fabric also has "three NO" : it cannot be machine washed, cannot be washed with ordinary liquid laundry, and cannot be twisted dry. From this point of view, lazy people really don’t deserve to have real silk. After all the usedbeddingand clothes that lazy people wear only wants to be thrown into the washing machine. It is impossible for the clothes which need to be hand-washed to appear at home.

However, lazy people also want to have the elegance of wearing silk clothes and the comfort of sleeping on a silk bed,how can they do? Is there a possibility that it can be elegant and comfortable, but alsocan be more easier when washing silk production? After all everyone has to admit that hand-cleaning silk sheets and duvet covers is a headache.

Let's look at the rumors of the "three NO" reasons for silk.

Silk clothing generally refers to clothing made of silk. Silk is a porous fiber with good heat preservation, moisture absorption, moisture dissipation and air permeability. It also has a certain protective effect on the skin. Therefore, silk clothing generally feels particularly soft and Smooth, excellent elasticity effect. But silk fiber also has disadvantage, which is also obvious, that is "delicate and tender." Pulling or rubbing and twisting the silk fiber can easily cause damage to the fiber, which may cause pilling, wrinkling, and wire-drawn and permanent damage to the clothing.



Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the rumors that real silk cannot be machine washed. From the perspective of the working principle of washing machines, machine washing does cause a certain degree of wear and tear on clothes. Even though the wear rate of the drum washing machine is lower than that of the pulsator washing machine, ordinary drums are still not suitable for washing silk clothes. They are still "a bit violent" to silk product.


But what if the drum washing machine has a special "silk soft wash" program that can simulate gentle hand washing?


Nowadays, many front-loading washing machines are equipped with "silk soft washing function", which can circumvent the disadvantages of ordinary machine washing. It swings back and forth within a range of angle <90°, like a pendulum swinging left and right , simulating the shaking of the hand holding the silk in the basin. It can minimize the abrasion of the silk fiber by the cylinder wall to the gretast extent. So that there will be no pilling and snagging.

The silk soft washing program adopts a rotating cradle beat of <90° that cares for the clothes, 29 rpm, lasts for 25 seconds, pauses soaking for 5 seconds, and the washing process cradle beats lasts 14 times. Only 600 rotation speed during dehydration, will not damage the silk clothing during the dehydration process and not drip when taken out.

So here the answer, can silk be machine washed?

It can be machine washed, but you'd better have a washing machine that can wash silk or wool fabrics.


How to machine wash it?

It's very simple, just follow the steps below:

1.Put the silk clothes into the washing machine with the "silk soft washing" program;

2.Add neutral detergent for pure silk;

3.Turn on the "silk soft washing" program and wait for the end of the washing program;

4.The clothes are laid flat to dry in a place where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight.


We have done a long-term comparison experiment of hand washing and machine washing, and found that machine washing does not significantly shorten the service life of silk.

The quality defection of most silks after washing are due to the following reasons:

1. Use a neutral detergent for non-protein fiber fabrics.

2. After washing, wring out the silk clothes excessively instead of drying them naturally, causing the silk fibers to be damaged.

3. After drying, the silk scarf was not ironed properly, causing many wrinkles on the silk scarf.


Reading here,is there some benefitsfor the lazy people? In fact, as long as you choose the right washing machine and the right program, none material clothes can't be machine washed, even the delicate material like silk and cashmere is no exception.

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