How to Find A Good Silk Scarf Supplier or Manufacturer

Silk scarf, a relatively inexpensive luxury accessory, loved by both men, women and even children of all ages to keep warm, to keep cool and for cultural, religious, spiritual reasons or purely for fashion. As the best art carrier, silk scarf can perfectly present the designer’s imagination and creativity, like an oil painting, a silk scarf is a piece of art. That is why all luxury brands like Hermes, Gucci, Dior release new silk scarves collection every year.

As a low investment and high profit product, you may have brainstormed some ideas of starting silk scarf business, however, whether you plan on making silk scarf with your own design or finding silk scarf suppliers to purchase from wholesale, it is always hard to find good suppliers that can meet your requirement.

In this post, we’ll look at the basics of sourcing a silk scarf supplier.  

Find the best silk scarf manufacturer

Factory or trading company ?

Where to find the best silk scarf manufacturer ?

Which aspects need to be paid attention to ?


What is the difference ?


If you have your own designs already, by dealing with factory directly. You can get your silk scarves manufactured at relatively lower price and shorter lead time. Conversely, most factories have no ability to design based on an abstract idea.

In the silk scarf industry, there are generally two types of direct factories: printing factories or scarf hemming factories. In fact, from raw fabric to printed fabric to hemmed scarves to packed scarves, few factories can complete the entire process of silk scarves manufacturing alone. So sometimes you may find factories can’t supply the best quality scarves with the best price, they are only good at doing their part of work.

It’s often harder to communicate and close deals with factories when there is quality problem or delivery delay.  

Trading Companies 

Types “scarves” in Alibaba, there are thousands of companies on the list, Most belong to trading companies, they deal large variety of products , this is their advantage, The biggest downside, however, is the lack of responsibility these companies carry, difficult to make sure the quality, requires large minimum quantity and drives up your price per unit, You likely will never know who the actual manufacturer is in this case either, keeping you worried all the time.     

What about Snsilk ?

Snsilk has its own design team, can provide customized designs based on your requirement or offer hundreds of free and self-owned copyright designs for choose, quality checking team to control the quality on every process, sales team to provide professional suggestion, update the order process, track the after-sales, Snsilk also has its own printing factory, hemming factory, to control the quality and lower the price, which makes us dare to promise 100% refund or remaking if defective quality and delivery on time. In conclusion, Snsilk is an integration of factory, wholesaler, trading company and design studio.  


Where to find the best silk scarf manufacturer? 

Before answering this question, let’s understand where the raw silk is produced first.

China and India are the two most important silk producing countries, accounting for 70% and 20% of the world's total output respectively. In terms of raw materials, both China and India use mulberry silk as the main raw materials. Compared with the inferior yellow silk of India, the white silk of China has better quality, and its products are more shiny, smooth and soft. In terms of technology, raw silk produced in China uses the dry cocoon reeling method, while Indian silk producers use the fresh cocoon reeling method to obtain raw silk. The raw silk obtained by the fresh cocoon reeling method has poor firmness, easily to cause fabric cracks, and has the problem of uneven color after dyeing. In terms of weaving equipment, the machines used by Indian producers are outdated, simple and inefficient. This is the main reason why the unit of Indian silk is higher than that of Chinese silk.

Talking about silk scarf, It is generally believed that France and Italy can produce better silk scarves because they have better printing equipment. However, with the development and popularization of printing technology, China’s silk scarf printing equipment and technology have begun to surpass that of Italy and France, especially In the latest double-sided printing process, in terms of manual skills, Chinese handcrafts like silk scarf hand rolled edge can actually reach a very high standard. However, comparing the prices, the price of silk scarves produced in Italy and France is usually triple than that of silk scarves made in China .

Hangzhou, Zhejiang. As the "Silk Capital", is the largest silk scarf producing city in China, has 5,000 years history of silk. To find a factory in here will be a wise choice.


What aspects need to be paid attention to ?

After determining your silk scarf needs such as price, material, size, quantity, etc., send it to at least three factories. You will get different responses and quotations. In the process of communicating with them, you can compare the following aspects to make a final choice :

1, What are the lead times ?

The lead times include sample time, production time and shipping time, You don’t want to work with a scarf manufacturer who needs 2 months to finish your order, rather than to choose a manufacturer who can meet your schedule.

2, What is the cost per piece ?

Get quotes from at least 3 silk scarf manufacturers can make you betterly understand the reasonable price, If you are not good at bargaining, have the manufacturers offer different prices for different quantity. You will see which is the best price.

3, What are their minimum order quantities ?

Not every scarf manufacturer are willing to accept small quantity, price is never the final deciding factor, you should find a manufacturer who are willing to help you start a brand new business.

4, Can they grant you exclusivity ?

For silk scarves, artworks are the most important intellectual property, make sure the manufacturers have the effect means to not allowing others to use it. Have a NDA signed can arouse manufacturers' attention to your artworks copyrights.

5, What’s their quality standards and defect policy?

Find out what are their process and standards to control the quality, many scarves manufacturers even dont include the defective rate in the cost, so you can find the prices are really lower.

If you receive the wrong or defective items, what will the manufactuers do ? If they will refund the payment, offer a discount, absorb the secondary shipping cost and duties or able to refinish your order before deadline ?

Note: Order samples

Before placing a full order, get silk scarf samples in hand to test before going into productions, photos can never tell the real color, hand feeling or quality, once the sample is right, date and sign the samples. Save one for yourself, these samples will be used to assure  get consistent quality scarves.


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